With professional feature set.

KitchenAid has launched major appliances in Australia with a dedicated Experience Centre at Camberwell Electrics in Melbourne. An official launch event was held at the store last week to unveil the complete range of ovens, hobs, rangehoods, refrigeration and dishwashers.

The flagship model in the built-in oven range, the Twelix Artisan Pyrolytic Oven (pictured), cooks with steam in a convection oven with three different cooking options – pure steam, steam assisted and convection. Twelix convection technology radically optimises airflow and heat distribution, as well as reduces preheating and cooking times. A special temperature probe constantly checks the temperature inside the food.

The Artisan Oven has 5 pre-programmed functions that combine convection and steam cooking. Once a function is chosen, the oven automatically sets the correct temperature and amount of steam needed. The sixth custom steam function gives users complete freedom to set the temperature and steam intensity.

Other oven models in the range offer up to 18 professional functions that simulate tips and tricks of top chefs.

There are 6 Pro Roasting programs (Veal/Pork, Roast Beef Rare/Roast Beef Medium/Roast Chicken/Roast Turkey/Custom), 6 Pro Bakery programs (Traditional Bread/Malt Bread/Thick Crust Pizza/Thin Crust Pizza/Quiche Savoury Flan/Baguette) and 5 Pro Pastry programs (Choux Pastry/Croissant/Sponge Cake/Plum Cake/Shortcrust Pastry).

Further, there are defrost, rising and keep warm functions to manage low temperatures with precision, ideal for slow cooking, drying fruit or vegetables and making yoghurt.

KitchenAid ovens have a PrintShield Easy-to-Clean finish to keep a new look over time and protect them from fingerprints and smudges. The Cool Door system ensures the oven door temperature is safe for the whole family, while the soft-closing system ensures the door closes silently and softly.

KitchenAid has confirmed the following price list for its built-in oven range:

Twelix Artisan Pyrolytic Oven (KOASP 60600)

RRP $4,699

Twelix Pyrolytic Oven (KOTSP 60600)

RRP $3,699

MultiFunction Pyrolytic Oven (KOLSP 60600)

RRP $2,999

MultiFunction Pyrolytic Oven (KOHSP 60601)

RRP $2,499

MultiFunction Standard Oven (KOGSS 60600)

RRP $1,499

90cm Oven (KOFCS 60900)

RRP $3,499

Compact Combi Oven (KOQCX 45600)

RRP $3,499

Combi Microwave Oven (KMQCX 45600)

RRP $2,999