In top three brands.

KitchenAid has rounded out the top three of the latest Prophet Brand Relevance Index among millennials, behind Netflix and Amazon, but ahead of Apple and Google.

In the top 50 brands list in the United States, KitchenAid was ranked eighth ahead of Spotify, Bose, PayPal, Sony, Fitbit and Dyson, who also made the top 50.

Prophet chief growth officer, Scott Davis said, “It is clear that to be successful, brands need more than size and ubiquity. They must create a product that people love enough to integrate into their everyday lives. The brands that inspire this level of loyalty will ultimately grow the fastest because they are relevant in the moments that matter most to consumers.”

Commenting on the Index rankings, KitchenAid Australia marketing director, Filiz Bensan said, “We are very thrilled with this result. KitchenAid is a brand the remains relevant across a number of diverse consumers over a rich and long history. We take pride in knowing that the brand reaches and connects with a new group of consumers.

“We want to be a brand that has broad appeal and this is reflected in the innovative products we bring to market and their timeless design. The team will continue to look at creating new ways to engage and connect with consumer through bespoke marketing initiatives.”