Demand for kitchen appliances is unlikely to slowdown for the remainder of 2021, a recent study of more than 2,000 shoppers by Illuminera Australia has shown.

2020 saw more than one-third of consumers replace existing appliances, particularly those used multiple times each day such as kettles, toasters and microwaves. However, there was also substantial growth of 15 to 25% for appliance categories used less frequently including air fryers, snack makers, blenders and cookers.

Future purchase intent remains strong with between 15 and 25% category purchase intended over the next 12 months. The highest demand is expected to be among air fryers, coffee machines and fridges/freezers.

Apart from funds gained from inability to travel, demand has been driven by more home cooking per household resulting in increased appliance capacity and performance requirements.

Similarly, experimentation with new recipes saw an increase in the need for new-to-household appliances such as food processors and mixers. However, for 20% of consumers, it was simply a kitchen appliance they had always wanted and so they had ‘treated’ themselves in the absence of being able to spend on travel or leisure.

There were also appliances purchased as part of kitchen renovations, with more than half of those renovating in the past 12 months purchasing small appliances as well as major appliances to ‘kit out’ their kitchen.

Most kitchen renovations were, or are planned to be, total remodels. Two thirds set a budget of between $5,000 and $25,000 for the renovation, with appliances expected to be 50 to 70% of this for the majority.

The propensity for premium upgrades exists with up to 35% considering premium or niche brands and one in five buying premium or European appliance brands.