By Sarah Falson

FYSHWICK, ACT: Dedicated high end kitchen retailer, Appliance Gallery, has left electrical buying group, Narta, because the retailer’s business model no longer fits with the buyer’s.

Appliance Gallery director, John Hitchen, told that his relationship with Narta has been “very beneficial” for his company but, being an independent retailer, its supply chain is no longer large enough to maintain Narta’s support.

“Appliance Gallery is a specialist cooking destination in the ACT with the best cooking display within Australia and nothing better in Europe (an opinion of a high level executive within the industry). Appliance Gallery has a very narrow supplier chain, compared to the average Narta retailer who sells just about every electrical appliance under the sun,” said Hitchen.

“When we joined four years ago, our operation fell in line with the general philosophy of Narta, however over the past four years the industry has changed drastically.

“Narta has moved more to the commodity side of the market, therefore the fit with Appliance Gallery had altered a great deal.”

According to Narta managing director, Kay Spencer, Appliance Gallery did not raise the minimum turnover that Narta requires its members to earn, which is periodically reviewed and raised. 

“Our best wishes are with Appliance Gallery. We were sorry to lose them as a member but they did not meet our minimum turnover requirement,” said Spencer.

“This is not a reflection of their business, as they are one of the most professional cooking retailers in the country.”

Hitchen also wished Narta well.

“The directors of Appliance Gallery wish Narta the best in the future and we know their good wishes are with us,” he said.