By Keri Algar

SYDNEY, NSW: In an industry propelled by innovation it makes sense to be encouraging young thinkers to imagine how the appliance world will continue to accommodate our life in the future.

Electrolux’s annual design lab competition has come up with some predictably startling concepts, including a Monash University student’s idea called The Kitchen Hideaway.

Daniel Dobrogorsky’s design is a virtual reality concept where the user imagines being in a kitchen, and preparing a particular meal.

The thoughts of the user are transmitted to robotic chefs who prepare the visualised meal in a real kitchen and with real ingredients. In other words, creative thinking cooks your meals while you are at work or out and about.

The impetus behind the virtual kitchen is reduced space in an increasingly urbanised world. Dobrogorsky’s imagined kitchen would be centralised to facilitate a number of homes living in the same condensed dwellings.