By Chris Nicholls

NOOSAVILLE: Tony Harrison, owner of the Bi-Rite Noosaville store, passed away Tuesday morning after a short illness.

Harrison worked for Samsung as a sales rep for many years before turning his hand to retail. He started a Chandlers store before changing to Betta Electrical and finally switched to become a Bi-Rite member approximately one year ago.

Harrison is survived by his wife, Chris, two sons, two daughters in law and eight grandchildren.

Bi-Rite Noosaville store manager, David Harrison (not related) said Tony was “just a great bloke”.

“He was a really good boss to work for. It’s sad, but he did die peacefully, which was good.

“He’s been in this area for ten years, and he was a Brisbane Samsung rep for many years, so a lot of people knew him.”

Harrison said despite Tony’s passing, the store would continue to trade normally.

A funeral service will be held in Tewantin on Friday at 2pm.