The Kenwood Blend-X Pro
The Kenwood Blend-X Pro

Kenwood’s latest innovation in the blender category is on the market, featuring new patented blade technology and intelligent user programming for more efficient chopping, grinding, crushing and blending.

The Blend-X Pro builds on Kenwood’s experience at the premium end food prepartation category and is available now for RRP $399.

Kenwood category manager Filiz Bensan said what makes the Blend-X Pro unique is the new patented MultiZone Blade Technology. The configuration of the three tiers of blades allows for a range of textures to be achieved. The upper blade zone has serrated blades that cross paths to create a chopping action. The lower blade zone ensures all ingredients are swept up and either chopped or blended from around the stainless steel base, and the pinnacle blade assists the movement of ingredients.

“It gives consumers the power to go beyond blending to produce a variety of desired textures required in food preparation.  From a chocolate and hazelnut spread to a passionfruit martini, the three blades spate each layer ensuring more of the blades are in contact with more of the food, even more of the time,” Bensan said.

The blades are driven by a Quattro pole motor delivering up to 30 per cent more torque than equivalent sized motors. Functions such as ice crushing and chopping are controlled by the torque or the turning force.

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The Blend-X Pro has six pre-programmed settings including coarse and fine grind and an ice crushing function. It also has a built-in load sensor that prevents the blender from overheating.

“The innovative MultiZone Blade Technology and six pre-set functions enable users to widen the scope from any other blender currently available,” Bensan said.

“The system personifies efficiency delivering approximately 30 per cent more cutting area and up to 95 per cent goblet use versus 70 per cent to other blenders,” Bensan said, quoting figures from Kenwood lab testing.