By James Wells in Berlin

BERLIN: DGTEC, the Melbourne-based set top box and personal video recorder (PVR) supplier, has come to IFA in Berlin this week to grow its commercial, retail and OEM business in the European market.

Following its investment in IFA – the world’s largest consumer electronics show, DGTEC will exhibit at the International Broadcasting Conference (IBC) in Amsterdam next week.

"Our primary focus is on broadcasters and retailers in Europe with the experience of bringing high definition products to market here in the same way we have in Australia," DGTEC director, Paul Cormick told

"We are providing tailored end-to-end solutions for European retailers and potential OEM partners," Cormick said.

Among the products available on its stand at IFA, DGTEC has released two new high definition PVRs – a 160GB unit with twin HD tuners in either silver or black, as well as a 250GB unit with twin tuners.

"Our goal is to take our Australian brand to the European market. We have had several enquiries from various European countries who have expressed interest in the brand and we will be following this up in due course," DGTEC general manager, Steve Rindfleisch told

"We are not looking to dominate the European market, but if we can take a small share we will be very pleased. This in no way diminishes our commitment to our retail partners in the Australian market.

"We have worked very hard to regain lost market share and have been delighted with the support from our retail partners. We see this exercise in Berlin at IFA as an opportunity to expand our horizons," Rindfleisch said.