Exclusive by Patrick Avenell

Joyce Mayne general manager Ross Morgan has spoken this morning about the retail group’s wider strategy heading into the new year. Two factors in particular dominate his plans: expansion of stores and the location of stores.

Talking to Current.com.au on the eve of the next Joyce Mayne store’s opening in Maroochydore, Morgan said that this was just the start of a number of planned new openings.

“We’re looking to grow the brand. We’ve got two stores opening in New South Wales, Ballina this week and then West Gosford on 15 December,” he said.

“That will take our number of stores to 16, and we’re looking to expand that number.”

When asked where Joyce Mayne were centring this expansion drive, Morgan was decisive.

“Our goal is to expand in New South Wales and Queensland,” said Morgan, who emphasised the regional and country centres of those states as his specific target.

As with other consumer electronics retail groups, expansion has been the theme during 2008, but it is not without risk. The current economic crisis has created an environment of uncertainty – Morgan was asked about this.

“Expansion has been slightly curtailed by the economy,” he said. “But if a good opportunity comes along, we’ll soldier on – if it’s the right opportunity.”

Although it was initially reported that the new Joyce Mayne computer and electrical superstore at Maroochydore will be opening this Friday, Morgan said that due to a number of logistical issues, it is more likely to fully open as a Joyce Mayne store early next week.

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