Numerous victims of the Kleenmaid fall have contacted over the last few days and told their stories as to how they have been left in the cold by the manufacturer and administrators.

One customer has reported that he purchased over $20,000 worth of appliances ranging from ovens, dryers, dishwashers, BBQ’s and numerous additional items like a burner, rangehood and sink. All items were payed for in full last year and he is currently awaiting delivery.

“Nobody has tried to contact us, we have had to do all the chasing up through the financier, my solicitor, the administrator and Kleenmaid although the latter are not taking calls,” he said.

“All the administrator has said is they are not taking calls due to the call volume and all we can do is email them our situation.”

The customer was evidently very annoyed by the whole situation, “Not knowing anything and relying on the press for all my info it’s just like we have been forgotten,” he said. “I don’t care if I get the products or the money now; if I get either to the value owed I will be happy.”

It was also highlighted by the customer that one of the most unbelievable facts about the collapse was the fact that they were still taking orders and payments as of last week.

“My main frustration is that as of last week they were still taking payments and orders knowing full well they were going down the toilet.”

In another case a consumer outlined that they are still waiting for a coffee machine that was not delivered with the rest of her appliances last year.

In addition to this the fridge that was delivered on time was damaged and she is still awaiting the new parts.

“There were components missing from the ice-maker, subsequently after visits from different Kleenmaid personnel, we were told that our file was open and possibly we would be having parts replaced, that was six weeks ago,” she said.

“Now we don’t know where we stand as to the warranty on the fridge and the supply of the coffee machine that we paid for around 10 months ago.”

Kleenmaid directors, Andrew and Bradley Young have provided comment via a YouTube update, but they are still vague as to how consumers will be compensated by the events.

“As we work through this process we ask for your patients, we assure you the process is as painful for us as it is for you,” said Andrew Young. “We are doing all we can to minimise the impact upon all those affected.”

They also highlighted that all customers who have paid deposits and not received goods will be hearing from the company in the next few days via mail.

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