Over the last few days, we’ve been featuring the Editor’s Picks for the Best Digital Products of 2012, as revealed in the December issue of Appliance Retailer magazine. We’ve now come to the big one: the Editor’s Pick for Appliance Retailer Digital Product of the Year:

2012 Appliance Retailer Digital Product of the Year

LG 84-inch Ultra High Definition TV 84LM9600 (RRP $15,999)

After a decade slowly watching its fierce Korean rival Samsung lead the technology revolution, LG stood out from the shadows and reclaimed some of its lost ground with the release of this remarkable television. It may be priced so that only the rich can afford it but anyone with sight can appreciate it. Four times the resolution of a Full HD model, this LED LCD TV loses none of the clarity on the enormous screen twice the size of a 42-inch panel. Naturally, it has all the 3D and Smart TV features expected of a flagship panel — we wait only now for native UD content to be released so we can make the most of this amazing television.