By Patrick Avenell

SYDNEY, NSW: LG Electronics has today released five models of air conditioners for its new Art Cool Stylish range of split inverter units. This release is just in time for summer, and comes as retailers and consumers start thinking which models are best for their stores and/or homes.

Four of the five models, which range in RRP from $1,099 to $2,799 will be in stores by the end of September, and will be promoted by the Korean supplier as units that are both effective at air conditioning and stylish enough to complement existing decor and furnishings in the home. The fifth model is due for release in October.

This release comes at a time when LG is ramping up both its premium credentials and its air conditioning product story. The Australian office recently expanded its air conditioning team, and is looking to increase its presence in the market, both in terms of value and units.

Talking about this is LG air conditioning assistant category manager Hayley Dean.

“LG is placing a significant amount of focus on the air conditioning business in the second half this year,” Dean said.

“Internally, the air conditioning team has expanded, and with this, we are placing more emphasis on research and development in order to ensure the category continues to grow and that LG products continue to lead in style and design across the entire category.

“The new Art Cool Stylish range is an example of this new direction, with its stylish design that has been developed to blend effortlessly into your life and home. The new range offers interchangeable panels in white, blue and silver, and features quiet operation for optimum comfort and style.”

Features of all five new models include a plasma air purifying system, allergy reduction filter, anti-corrosion gold fin, auto cleaning, quiet operation, jet cool and jet heat, vertical and horizontal airflow direction control, simple and easy installation and at least 4.5 energy stars.

The new models are as follows:

-R09AWN: 2.5kW Inverter Artcool Stylish. Energy Star Rating 6.0 (cooling)/6.0 (heating), RRP: $1099
-R12AWN: 3.5kW Inverter Artcool Stylish. Energy Star Rating 6.0 (cooling)/6.0 (heating), RRP: $1299
-R18AWN: 5.2kW Inverter Artcool Stylish. Energy Star Rating 5.5 (cooling)/6.0 (heating), RRP: $1799
-R24AWN: 7.4kW Inverter Artcool Stylish. Energy Star Rating 4.5 (cooling)/5.0 (heating), RRP: $2199
-R28AWN: 8kW Inverter Artcool Stylish Energy Star Rating 4.5 (cooling)/4.5 (heating) (subject to registration), RRP: $2799