By Claire Reilly

Samsung was talking up the tenets of simplicity and reliability at the launch of its latest printer range today, with the Korean brand unveiling six new colour laser and multifunction printer models designed primarily for individual, SOHO and SMB users.

The range features three larger format Colour Multi-Function models (CLX-3305DW, CLX-4195FW and CLX-6260FW), as well as three Colour Single Function models, including the small footprint CLP-365W and CLP-415NW, and the larger CLP-680ND for B2B customers. 

At the launch of the new products, Samsung Electronics Australia’s director of IT, Tony Ignatavicius, spoke positively about Samsung’s strengths in “digital convergence” as well as its performance in the printer category over the years.

“Samsung has quite a long legacy in the print industry,” said Ignatavicius. “We entered the laser business in 1991, and from those humble beginnings we’ve grown our business significantly over the years to the point that we are now number two in the world.”

Ignatavicius said the company’s positive performance in the category came down to the importance of building confidence with business partners and consumers, by offering flexibility and customisation options, as well as support and maintenance.

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Samsung was boosting that good record, he added, with today's launch of the new suite of colour printing products, which are typified by their 'simplicity and performance'.

“Samsung’s latest series comes with new image quality and connectivity smarts that provide significant advancements in Samsung’s printer technology,” he said. “Samsung is aiming to break boundaries with its new printer models, delivering easy to use innovative solutions in some of the smallest design forms for Samsung.”

Some of the innovations include RECP technology (short for “Rendering Engine for Clean Pages”) which helps to reduce smudges and dotting of colours for cleaner images and text, as well as an economical mode that reduces toner use and a one-touch WPS button (Wi-Fi Protected Setup) that simplifies the process of connecting devices to the printer wirelessly.

As an add-on to the printers, Samsung has also created an app for mobile printing that can be used across a range of platforms (including Android and iOS) allowing users to access documents from their mobile device or the cloud for printing.

The six printers will be available from August with the following pricing (provided by Samsung):

A4 Colour Laser Printer and Multi-Function Printers for Individual and SOHO users:
CLP-365W: RRP $196 (Print 18ppm mono, 4ppm colour).
CLX-3305FW: RRP $359 (Print 18ppm mono, 4ppm colour; copy, scan, fax).
CLP-415NW: RRP $296 (Print18ppm mono, 18ppm colour).
CLX-4195FW: RRP $629 (Print 18ppm mono, 18ppm colour; copy, scan, fax).

A4 Colour Laser Printer and Multi-Function Printers for B2B users:
CLP-680ND: RRP $499 (Print 24ppm mono, 24ppm colour).
CLX-6260FW: RRP $833 (Print 24ppm mono, 24ppm colour; copy, scan, fax).