By Martin Vedris in Tokyo

TOKYO, JAPAN: Panasonic is bringing the fully automated and networked home into reality with its Lifinity internet-based home network, currently on display at Ceatec.

First launched to the Japanese market in July 2006, the system literally makes the flat panel TV the focal point of the home with homeowners able to network PC’s, front door cameras, door and window locks and other household appliances and view their status on the TV.

Home owners can monitor and control the linked devices, for example, they can check if linked doors and windows are locked and they can monitor and automatically record every visitor to the front door to identify visitors and assist with burglar protection.

The system can also link to the homeowner’s mobile phone so they can monitor and activate the network remotely. The system turns lights on and off within the home and remotely and it can activate the air conditioning.

Lifinity also uses small electric current sensors to monitor electricity consumption in individual rooms and individual appliances.

The ECO Management System displays the consumption information and also allows consumers to set consumption targets and it gives feedback on the consumers progress toward the targets.

Panasonic has also developed future applications of the Lifinity system to link to exercise machines and monitor the consumers present and targeted health data such as weight and waist measurement.

Like a digital personal trainer, the system can tell the consumer in real time how they are progressing towards their fitness goals, it will also tell them the required exercise intensity and frequency to reach their goals and give feedback on their calorie expenditure.