Steps up machine innovation.

Jura was host to a select group of retailers and media to unveil the Z8 coffee machine in Sydney on Wednesday. Jura Australia national training manager, Sylvia Occhipinti was accompanied by renowned Australian designer, Sally Dominguez to highlight the machine’s key features and benefits and provide a hands-on demonstration.

Jura Australia head of sales, George Liakatos said, “I have been working at Jura for 13 years now and it never ceases to amaze me the quality and innovative products our design team continually bring out each year, and this machine is no exception. We are very excited to introduce the Z8, an excellent addition to our premium range of automatic coffee machines. With the unprecedented success of the Z6 in 2016, the Z8 takes coffee preparation to the next level.”

The Z8 features a world-first one-touch Lungo function that mixes hot water with long coffees during the preparation phase, optimising the extraction time, resulting in full-bodied coffee. It provides up to 16 different styles of coffee via the intuitive 4.3 inch high-resolution touch screen, and a total of 21 beverages via the rotary selection. Users can also create personalised favourites, which are stored in the machine or on the Jura app.

The AromaG3 grinder is now twice as fast, yet preserves all the aroma of the coffee beans. Pulse Extraction Process (P.E.P) ensures the optimum extraction time by pulsing hot water through the ground coffee at the exact frequency for the amount of water to create a short coffee, such as an espresso or ristretto, and for cappuccinos and flat whites, the machine switches automatically between milk and milk foam. The milk temperature can be varied to suit personal taste and separately for each speciality.

The Jura Z8 will be available from 1 August, 2017 and retail for $4,490.

Jura head of sales, George Liakatos