By Chris Nicholls

SYDNEY: Samsung has released their first HD camcorder with flash memory, the VP-HMX10C, as well as a range of new digital video cameras which all record to either flash memory of SD/MMC card.

“The flash memory also means no more juggling tapes, memory cards or DVDs, you can just record to the camera’s internal memory. Flash memory also means longer lasting battery life,” said Rodney Rodrigues, Samsung AV’s marketing manager.

The VP-HMX10C (RRP$1,199) records in 720p at 50 frames per second and plays back footage via a 2.7-inch touchscreen. It has a 10x optical zoom and 20x digital zoom. Battery life is claimed to be 90 minutes.

The mid-range VP-DX10 (RRP$749) uses a DVD-flash memory hybrid media recording system that transfers data from flash to DVD without a need to use an external connection. It also has an image stabiliser, 26x optical zoom and a touch screen. It records in 576i. 

The base model VP-MX10 (RRP$429) has four gigabytes of on board memory and records in 576p. It has a 34x optical zoom and 1200x digital zoom.

All models use Samsung’s ‘Swivel Handgrip’, which allows the camera to be rotated through 150 degrees allowing users to shoot at very low or high angles.
All three models are available now.