By Chris Nicholls

SYDNEY: Electrolux and Simpson have teamed with Cold Power detergents to release a new range of more efficient top loader washing machines.

The ‘High Efficiency’ machines will launch later this year and follow Fisher & Paykel’s AquaSmart range, released last November, into the efficient top loader market.

While no further details were available, the new models supposedly work in a similar fashion to front loaders.

The different mechanism means the machines need a low foaming detergent, which led to the tie-up with Cold Power. The specific detergent will be called Cold Power Advanced for Front Loader & He (High efficiency).

The combination of a cold wash-specific powder with the more efficient washers is claimed to help reduce both water and energy use.

The new detergent is available now in a 2kg powder for $9.99 and 1.5L liquid form for $6.99.