One of the dearly departed players in the consumer TV market, Philips is still promoting its wares to the hospitality industry. The company recently released details of its 2009 hospitality TV range.

“Philips Pro Hotel TVs are future-proof and incorporate features for guest comfort such as a single channel list for analogue programs, a welcome message and hotel information channel. Installation is easy because settings can be ‘copied’ and ‘pasted’ from one set to another (USB cloning),” said Philips hospitality TV product manager Travis Anderson.

“Larger screen sizes have Pixel Plus HD, a picture enhancement feature that gives exceptional performance in terms of sharpness, motion fluidity, colour and contrast. The Pro+ Hotel TVs also comes standard with Digital Tuners meeting Australian DVB-T Standards.

“Philips System Hotel TVs with the consistent interface Smartport, complement the functionality of the Pro+ Hotel TVs with an integrated smartcard slot for the easy addition of interactive functions like video-on-demand simply by inserting a card. A loudspeaker extension socket means guests can also enjoy audio throughout the room including the bathroom.

“The System Hotel TV also features features SmartPower,which dims the backlighting, and automatic standby activation. The Pro+ Hotel TVs also comes standard with Digital Tuners also have Digital Tuners for Australian DVB-T Standards.”