By Matthew Henry

SYDNEY: Salmat Digital Services today launched the website, promising retailers that it can muster the growing number of online shoppers back into bricks and mortar retail stores.

Over 41 retailers have subscribed to the service including Betta Electrical, Dick Smith Electronics, NAPF Electronics, Camera House, Myer, Target and Big W.

The website is intended to give consumers access to catalogue special offers from bricks and mortar retailers in an online environment.

Product categories featured on the site include appliances, electronics, automotive accessories and parts, hardware, health products and toys.

Consumers can search for special offers in a variety of ways including by category or by retailer.

Parent company Salmat Digital Services is promising to drive consumers, who are becoming accustomed to shopping online through ‘e-tailers’, back into traditional retail outlets.

“Our research shows more than five million consumers each month are using the internet to research products and compare prices before they buy, and this number is growing rapidly,” said Lasoo CEO, Paul Marshall.

“By extending traditional marketing and media to online, retailers can amplify their marketing voice and increase sales with minimal expenditure,” he said.

“Their offer-based advertising will be discoverable online for the first time.”

Marshall claims retailers who subscribe to the service will also find out more about their customers and competitors through the website’s built-in measuring tools, including reports on the most popular items or categories searched in their own catalogue or across all categories.