By Patrick Avenell

Panasonic Australia has taken down its website, formerly at, and is redirecting users to the global Panasonic website after a "breach" on a related website on Thursday 7 June 2012 spread to the main site.

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Follow on Twitter contacted Panasonic Australia earlier today (Friday 8 June 2012) after we discovered the local website was no longer operational. Panasonic Australia issued the following statement through a spokesperson:

"Panasonic Australia’s consumer blog, which hosts our local blog posts, was breached on Thursday morning. The breach was visible for around 2-4 hours and instigated a re-direct to a static page. This re-direct also propagated to the Panasonic website and as a precautionary measure we elected to take down the site.

"No transactional or customer information is available on these subdomains.

"It is a little difficult to confirm when the site will return to use, however, if consumers are seeking any information about our products the site is currently redirecting to the global Panasonic site. 

"Additionally, they can contact Panasonic Australia on Facebook, Twitter and through our customer call centre on 132 600 if they have any queries."