By Sarah Falson

SYDNEY: The slimmest MP3 player in the world is looking for retail representation, according to Walletflash Australia CEO, Gilad Greenbaum, who showcased the credit card-sized gadget this week at the CeBIT show in Sydney.

Designed and manufactured in Israel, the Wallet MP3 player can store up to 2GB of music, or around 400 songs, and is charged via a thin USB plug that docks into a computer.

At a mere 16 grams the Wallet MP3 features play, stop, track forward and back buttons on its flash side, and comes with headphones that plug into a 5mm headphone jack on the edge of the unit, which is roughly the exact width of the player.

The Wallet MP3 player is still in prototype form, however Walletflash Australia also makes ultra-slim credit card size USB flash drives which are available direct from the company and can be self-branded for promotional and identification purposes.

The Wallet Flash comes in two sizes, 128MB and 2GB, and a third size – 4GB – will be available in July. However, the product is yet to make it into traditional retail outlets.

“It’s a premium product – the price is not competitive with cheap brands on the market,” said Greenbaum.

“We are looking for resellers now. I would like to get enquiries from traditional and online retailers – I would love to hear from major resellers too,” he told

“The benefit for retailers is that the Wallet Flash can be visually branded – say with the Harvey Norman logo if they were selling there – and the branding is full colour, with a lot of real estate.”

Both the Wallet Flash and Wallet USB are designed to slip easily into the wallet, making carrying the units no more hassle than another credit card.

Interested resellers are encouraged to visit, a subsidiary of