Panasonic yesterday revealed a new addition to its industry leading plasma TV range, the Full HD one-inch ultra thin, 1080p wireless Viera Z1 Plasma TV. Along with its remarkably thin display and uncompressed Full HD 1080p wireless signal it also comes in an all new screen size.

The TH-P54Z1A model will debut in the new 54-inch screen size, bridging the gap between 50-inch and 58-inch.

But what sets this plasma apart from its competitors is the incredibly thin screen depth, which measures in at just one-inch, quite an achievement for a large screen plasma panel.

But the new Z1 is not only aesthetically impressive but also a great leap forward in wireless HD signal conversion.

The Z1 features WirelessHD technology which means that it can transmit Full HD video signals, audio and control signals wirelessly. The standout feature of this is the fact that it can transmit an uncompressed 1080p Full HD signal with no deterioration in quality.

“The picture on the screen goes undisturbed even if the wireless communication path is interrupted by someone walking past,” said Matt Pearce, product manager, TV – consumer electronics group, Panasonic Australia.

Pearce was very confident that both of these features in particular will be very appealing to consumers.

“Style and uncomplicated convenience are both very important for consumers, and the Z1 satisfies both with its stunning new one-inch design and wireless capability.” He said.

“The Z1 Series demonstrates Panasonic’s commitment to continued plasma innovation, geared towards providing the consumer with the state-of-the-art in entertainment.”

Some other notable features of the Z1 is its Double Luminance Efficiency for a brighter image, a dynamic contrast ratio of 2,000,000:1 to provide deeper and richer blacks, 600Hz Sub-field Drive and Viera Link connection which helps users operate all of their Panasonic equipment in the home.

The TH-P54Z1A Viera Z1 Plasma TV will be available in September; the price is still yet to be confirmed.