By Chris Nicholls

LAURIETON, NSW: Laurieton Retravision co-owner Ian Slater has stepped down after 32 years in the business.

Slater stepped down on Friday and will be replaced by partner Lex Pensini’s son Nathan, who purchased Slater’s share.
Despite 32 years working at Laurieton Retravision, Slater only took partnership of the store in June 2001, after the previous owner, Marie Watts, passed away. Pensini and Slater had managed the business for Watts for 15 years prior to purchasing the business from her estate.

“He’s just decided that after that six and a half years, it’s time to move on and do something else,” said Pensini.

According to the local Camden Haven Courier newspaper, Slater will help with the new family business, Laurieton Chickenland.

Pensini, who started three years before Slater, said Slater’s departure would not lead to large wholesale changes.  

“I don’t think much will change, really. I don’t think that we can really expand any, because our store is not the size where we can expand it. It’s just running along nicely as it is. I mean, there’ll probably be a few changes here and there, but Nathan’s a bit younger than me and he’ll have some different ideas to me, I’d say, in regards to computers and so forth.”

Pensini said pre-Christmas, flat panel TVs had been large sellers, while the cooler weather meant air conditioning sales were “disappointing” and expected sales would only pick up in January.