By Patrick Avenell

SYDNEY, NSW: Breville is expecting a big spike in small domestic appliances this Christmas, with brand director David Gubbin saying that rather than being threatened by a push towards big ticket items, he is happy that the overall appliance and consumer electronics industry is set to benefit.

In an interview with, Gubbin said he was not worried by companies like Sony, who will be promoting considered purchases for the whole family this Christmas, because it’s the retailers who will benefit across the board.

“Electrical retailers are capturing probably a bigger share of the Christmas dollar, and that’s good for everyone,” he said. “I’m just happy that the retailers are doing well and we’re a part of that at Christmastime, and if they’re making money out of CE and IT, that’s great.”

One of the reasons Gubbin is not concerned is the societal move in Australia back into the kitchen. The recession may have affected out-of-the-house industries, like the movies, sports and restaurants, but this has resulted in more people looking to improve their home dining experience. Coupled with the runaway success of Masterchef Australia, a perfect confluence is flowing towards retail tills.

“The trend is towards people being more involved in the cooking process. There’s just this incredible interest in food. If you look at the ratings for Masterchef, versus the home improvement show that was on at the same time, Masterchef just smashed it.

“It’s the retailers that understand that, and jump on the opportunities when the customers are in the store, that are really going to reap the benefits at Christmastime.”

We asked Gubbin how Breville was placed to meet demands for stock.

“We’re planning for a big Christmas for the retailers. We’re looking to fulfil our plans for Christmas and a big part of that is having stock here for it. We’re not expecting any surprises there.”