Compiled by Patrick Avenell

It's not just the big appliance brands enjoying their day in the sun at Grand Designs Live in Melbourne this weekend – plenty of lesser known brands and even more obscure products are on display. Here are our Top 10 favourites:

For only $22,000 you have this AGA range cooker installed in your home. With four cooking cavities and three hotplates all running off the same central heating element, this monolith not only replaces your oven, it also takes care of your home's central heating.

This outdoor design was created by RMIT students. No-one could quite explain the point of it.

Every home needs a Russian Timber Dome – unfortunately there's only one of them. It's going to be auctioned off at the show, with only bids starting at $12,000 being considered. Sources say the current owners are execting around $15,500 for it.

Attic stairs are something of a niche market. I liked how even the pamphlet holder (centre) is modeled on the staircase on the left.

This MC Escher inspired dual spiral staircase is definitely the gift for the home owner who literally has every single possible form of ascension already inside their abode.

Fancy combining your bed with a sauna? For only $10,500 your dreams can become a very hot, sleepy reality.

This Playboy themed pinball machine, poker set and bar only costs $15,000. Well, that's the price at which the owners will start listening to offers.

Popular with singles (and those that want to be single), Tilt-away Beds are a deal at only $2,700.

My favourite product on show at Grand Designs Live: this Quedos combination billiards table comes with a wall-mounted accessories case. I've already started saving the $12,300 I need to make it my own.

The one of the left is a TV and the one on the right is a mirror, right? Actually, they're the same product – Hidden TVs seek to make your idiot box a work of art, and they even throw in the Samsung TV for around $3,000 for a 46-inch model.