By Patrick Avenell 

SYDNEY, NSW: A recent CEDIA accreditation course conducted in Japan had a 100 per cent success rate. CEDIA claims this is proof that that the group’s influence in spreading throughout the Asia Pacific region.

According to CEDIA spokesperson Jeff Salton, the internationally-recognised course is tailored to local building laws, working conditions, standards and regulations, and equips installers with the knowledge and skills they need to complete the basic level of custom installation. 

Talking about this result is CEDIA Asia Pacific CEO Stephen Miller.

 “The group achieved a 100 percent pass rate which is truly excellent,” said Miller. 

“This outcome is a great reward for the installers and the association in Japan. This certification is not an easy one to pass and to have everyone successfully complete it is extremely satisfying.”

Reo Noda is one of the participants who passed the exam. 

“The home theatre industry in Japan is growing but we are not doing a lot of custom installs,” said Noda.

 “It’s mainly home theatre installations. I undertook the CEDIA Asia Pacific Review training in order to learn more. We need CEDIA to help us upskill through training and education. 

“Asia Pacific Review is also very important to help learn the basic skills, especially for someone who wants to start in this business.

“Certification is very important for my company. It is important for my employees’ goals, too, who can demonstrate our skills for our customers and attract new ones.  In the past six months, 22 companies have registered as CEDIA members, which is great for the growing industry in Japan. 

“Not many people are familiar with CEDIA in Japan just yet so we are helping to spread the word and calling on our Asia Pacific partners to assist us.”