By Patrick Avenell

Foxtel has today announced the rollout of new software to make its iQ2 personal digital recorder (PDR) the most advanced in the country. The new development is called Foxtel Four Tuner.

The new software enables users to record two channels and watch a third channel simultaneously. Foxtel claims that no other commercially available PDR in Australia has this capability. The original Foxtel iQ device, along with the majority of other PDRs, can only record one program while watching another.

Talking about this is Foxtel executive of product and sales Patrick Delany.

“FOXTEL’s Four Tuners provide another great advantage for iQ2 subscribers allowing them to watch their favourite programs on their time, minimise recording clashes, and reduce family program viewing arguments.

“With these significant benefits it’s not surprising FOXTEL has experienced dramatic take-up of the iQ2 with over 50,000 units already installed,” said Delany.

This development is an especially big blow to TiVo, the PDR promoted by Channel 7 and originally distributed exclusively through Harvey Norman stores. TiVo does not have Foxtel compatibility and can not record as many programs as the new Foxtel iQ2. Channel 7 dedicated a lot of on-air time to promoting TiVo in the lead-up to the Beijing Olympics, however, considering how poorly the network broadcasted the Games, it’s unlikely that many people wanted to tape the coverage for posterity.