By Patrick Avenell

SYDNEY, NSW: ‘Kambrook is the smarter choice. It’s a good quality brand with durable products at a competitive price point.’ That’s the message from marketing manager Adam Tacey, who recently conducted a strategic review of Kambrook’s brand value in anticipation of the upcoming Christmas season.

“Kambrook has gone under a review of its strategy going forward,” Tacey told “Our new message is more about Kambrook being the smarter choice. It’s a good quality brand with a good quality product at extremely competitive price points, and our message is one of durability in terms of performance and the way we product test.”

Tacey left Sunbeam and joined the Breville Group, which distributes Kambrook, shortly after the former Sunbeam supremo Jonathon (Jack) Lord joined Breville Group. It’s been a whirlwind start for the veteran marketer, with new slow cookers, irons, kettles and floorcare products either recently released or in the pipeline. Additionally, Kambrook is set to take on Tefal in the instant hot water category, with a new appliance planned for the pre-Christmas rush.

If things go well for Kambrook, these products will reinforce its brand message and further please its retail customers and end users. Tacey said the strategic review revealed pleasing results about the market’s perception of the brand.

“Kambrook was regarded extremely highly within the consumer market. The brand had very high recall among consumers. We took out of it that a lot of people trusted the Kambrook brand and believed it to be a good quality product at a very competitive price point.”

Like a new football coach at a famous club, Tacey has taken a macro view to Kambrook’s marketing. In words reminiscent of a Kevin Sheedy or Wayne Bennett, Tacey said that before looking at the industry, he started by focusing his gaze inwardly.

“In a nutshell, what we’re doing is having a good hard look at each and every product category that we operate in and seeing where we can meet the consumers’ needs in a more efficient and effective fashion.”

And the feedback from retailers on this?

“We’ve completed a number of customer presentation; the feedback’s been excellent from all parties we’ve presented to, they’re very impressed with the direction that we’re moving the brand.”