By Ian Neubauer

SYDNEY: An LG TU550 mobile phone has retained full functionality after its exterior was melted away when it was dropped in a sugar cane fire in Queensland, LG said.

Queensland sugar cane farmer Jeffrey Schmidt accidentally dropped his mobile phone into a field fire and expected it had perished. But after retrieving the handset he noticed it was still on, able to make and receive calls and able to take photographs through the seared lens.

“My son, who was traveling behind me, found the melted handset half open and to our amazement the light was still on. We were double shocked to find that calls could be made from the phone,” Schmidt told LG.

After offering Schmidt a replacement handset, LG forwarded a series of photographs of the scorched handset to And while this publication was unable to verify the company’s claims, colour graphics are visible on the screens on four of the six photographs.

“This is a unique example of the strength and durability of LG mobiles,” said LG marketing manager — mobile communications, Carli Wilson.