By James Wells

SYDNEY: A statement was released by the Retravision New South Wales board and executive this afternoon providing an update on the company’ status after being placed into administration and receivership yesterday.

“The Retravision NSW Board and executive is working very closely with its suppliers, national office, Voluntary Administrator and Receiver to ensure the supply lines to Retravision NSW stores remain open,” the statement said.

“The voluntary administrator and receiver are considering a number of options to ensure continued support to Retravision stores in NSW."

Recently-appointed Retravision NSW chief executive, Iain Goldmann, said everything is being done to assist members of the retail group.

"My immediate concern is to keep supply lines open and enable Retravision members in NSW to continue to operate.  All the restructure options being considered, aim to achieve this outcome,” Goldmann said.

"It is in everyone’s interest that Retravision NSW stores continue to operate and access stock so we are all working hard together to make that happen," he said.

Yesterday the board of Retravision NSW – the holding company that provides administration for the 120 stores in the retail group went into administration and placed into receivership.