By Patrick Avenell

The changes to Ilve’s kitchen appliance prices, revealed yesterday on, are designed to make the brand more aggressive and competitive in the Australian marketplace, according to representatives of the Australian distributor Eurolinx.

In the story announcing these changes, published under the headline “Ilve slashes prices to reposition itself lower in the market”, this website wrote Ilve had not replied to requests for more details. Since that was published, we have been in contact with Ilve regarding these changes in positioning and prices.

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While the factual accuracy of the story has not been questioned, Eurolinx has voiced its objection to this headline and to the tone of the article.

“Looking at the title of the article, I want to clarify that Ilve has reduced prices to reposition itself as more competitive in the market. The intention from Ilve is to take a more aggressive and competitive approach in the Australian marketplace. The brand retains exactly the same production values it has throughout its history, but I feel the term ‘lower’ doesn't reflect this,” wrote Eurolinx’s public relations representative. has been supplied with examples of old and new RRPs for its range. As with all pricing, these are suggestions only, with retailers free to charge whatever they like for these products:

60cm Electric Oven (600WMP) – RRP $1,599 (ex $2,149)
70cm Electric Oven (700WMP) – RRP $2,299 ($2,749)
90cm Maxi Electric Oven (948SXMP) – RRP $3,999 (ex $4,649)
60cm Pyrolytic Oven (600SLPY) – RRP $2,499 (ex $2,799)