Samsung Electronics Australia has just announced a new addition to its television line-up with the next step in the flat panel evolution; LED. Samsung has called it a ‘new species’ of television.

Samsung revealed its new range of LED televisions to the team yesterday morning and showcased the benefits this technology has both for the consumer and retailers.

The new LED range which encompasses the Series 8, Series 7 and Series 6 models, set themselves apart from the competition and are being labelled in a newly created category called Samsung LED, which promises to lead the industry in terms of technology and pioneering white LED technology.

Set to arrive in May, the new addition to the Samsung line-up uses white LED edge-lighting behind a LCD panel, to create incredible picture quality and contrast levels.

“White LED is a new approach to TV backlighting as compared to conventional RGB LEDs or CCFL,” said Mark Leathan, head of marketing – consumer electronics division.

“The LEDs generate pure white light at the edges of the television, reflecting off of millions of tiny mirrors through the panel,” he said. “The pristine light is converted to billions of colours by the LCD panel, and creates a mega contrast ratio to produce this revolutionary step in television picture quality.”

Due to the fact that the television uses edge lights, the new range of LEDs are one of the slimmest and lightest Full HDTVs ever produced, measuring just 2.5 cm thick. Due to this Leathan emphasised that this new television is perfect for wall mounting.

According to Leathan, LED televisions offer retailers a clear and demonstrable difference over its LCD and Plasma counterparts.

“The benefits of a 200 Hertz LCD over a regular LCD are very hard to demonstrate to the consumer at floor level, an LED on the other hand offers retailers with a clear difference over its competitors,” he said.

Leathan also emphasised that due to this clear superiority it will be easy to upsell consumers to the higher priced, premium product.

“An LED is on average 10 per cent more than an LCD, but when the customer sees the advantages they will easily pay the difference.”

Samsung’s new LED range features a contrast ratio of 3,000,000:1, 200 Hertz Motion Plus technology, DLNA Wireless, Media@ 2.0 support (Series 7 and 8 only) and Internet@ TV for content from various services like YouTube.

It will also be supported by a TV and print advertising campaign throughout May, as well as a microsite for further information.

The Series 6 will RRP for $3,699 for the 40-inch, $4,499 for the 46-inch and $5,499 for the 55-inch; Series 7 will come in at $3,899 for 40-inch, $4,699 for the 46-inch and $5,799 for the 55-inch; and the Series 8 will set you back $5,299 for the 46-inch and $6,999 for the 55-inch.