With enhanced gaming features.

Samsung is providing a TV gaming experience like no other –an experience even better than some advanced gaming monitors, the company claims, with integrated game-focused technologies on its 2018 QLED TV range that tailors to the user and type of content.

To encourage consumers to discover the impressive experience, Samsung is currently running a dedicated gaming promotion. With the purchase of a Samsung 75-inch or 82-inch television from now until 20 June, 2018, consumers will receive a bonus Xbox One X gaming bundle valued at over RRP $700.

(Customers need to register their claim no later than 18 July, 2018 and delivery must be taken no later than 13 August, 2018).

So how has Samsung enhanced the gaming experience? A new feature to the 2018 QLED TV models is Game Motion Plus. This allows the user to add image processing functions such as blur reduction, judder reduction and LED clear motion.

It works by comparing two frames to analyse where there is motion and the possibility of blurring or judder. Intermediate frames are then created to produce smoother, less blurry images. However, this feature involves image processing in the video pipeline, which will increase input lag from 15.4ms to 24 ms when engaged.

Input lag is the time between a player’s movement on the game controller and the presentation of that movement on the screen. Very low lag times are required for First Person Shooter (FPS)–type games.

Auto Game Mode Detection has also been improved as it automatically detects when users launch a game, removing the 112.4ms input lag. If an Xbox One or PS4 console is connected to the TV, it will automatically switch into Game Mode.

For 2018, Samsung has also embedded FreeSync capability inside its TVs for use with PCs and gaming monitors. With FreeSync Variable Refresh Rate (VRR) technology, the frame rate of the TV is matched the toe GPU output as a frame rate, minimising any image tearing issues.

Select 2018 Samsung TVs will also support playback of 4K HDR content to offer richer colours, brighter highlights and more details.

Samsung guarantees against image sticking or burn-in – an issue with OLED and older plasma or CRT displays, and in very extreme cases, can affect LCD screens as well.