Stop the fight! Call off the search! We have a winner! Game, set, match! Check and Mate!

You could trawl in the interwebs, visit every dusty op-shop in Newtown and prance fleet of foot door-to-door through Williamsburg, Brooklyn, and not find a more amazing new piece of electronics than this: a 12-inch Linn turntable made from the wood of Highland Park solid oak Scotch whisky cases. You can just taste the authenticity dripping from every note of the Cold War Kids record spinning on this masterpiece:

Linn Limited Edition Sondek LP12 Turntable - deep etched (1)
Linn’s Limited Edition Sondek LP12 Turntable

But you have to move fast — like 45 RPMs — as there are only 40 of these turntables to be snapped up. Each model comes with a bottle of 40-year-old Highland Park Scotch to accompany listening sessions though the consumer will have to source their own Neutral Milk Hotel vinyl collection to play.

And these turntables will go quick as they are only RRP $51,295.

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Here is Linn marketing director Angus Lawrie:

“We’re delighted to be working with such an established and quality driven brand to mark this special occasion. Both Highland Park and Linn have a strong heritage in their respective fields. We share the same values in terms of passion, innovation and exacting standards to ensure we continue to make world-leading products.”

And here is Highland Park global marketing manager Gerry Tosh:

“Working with Linn and helping to produce such a special version of their iconic Sondek LP12 Turntable is a great honour. Not only have we helped create a great looking piece of kit, the density of our hand selected, Spanish oak casks has also added to the already impressive sound quality.”

And here is KVWN San Diego newsreader Ron Burgundy:

“I love Scotch. Scotchy, Scotch, Scotch. Here it goes down, down into my belly…”

And here is Cornershop’s UK #1 single and the greatest song ever about playing records, Brimful of Asha:

Linn’s Limited Edition Sondek LP12 Turntable is being distributed in Australia by Advance Audio Australia.