Modern day lifestyles often mean less physical activity; rather chaotic eating habits and sometimes even an unbalanced diet. Most of us use too much fat and oils in our cooking and prefer quick and easy processed foods to freshly cooked meals. With this in mind, it comes as no surprise that obesity rates have reached an all time high in Australia and consumers are now increasingly concerned about their health and wellbeing.

ActiFry features include:

  • Large family size capacity (1kg food)
  • Automatic lid
  • Suitable for all your favourite meals: fries, seafood, vegetables, chicken
  • Versatile: suitable with any type of oil
  • Set and forget cooking, no preheating required
  • Removable non-stick bowl
  • 60min timer with alarm
  • No bad odours
  • Enhanced safety: no oil to manage
  • Transparent lid for more control over the cooking
  • Dishwasher-safe lid, bowl and central paddle
  • Made in France
  • 1400W

The cooking method plays an important role in the taste and flavours of foods, but also in its nutritional value. Steaming, for example, is one of the healthiest ways to cook foods as it seals in up to 50% more vitamins and minerals than boiling or grilling.

The Tefal ActiFry uses a unique patented technology, which enables you to cook your favourite dishes with almost no oil or fat at all. Using patented technology that took 10 years to develop, Tefal has come up with a solution for cooking meals in a healthier way.

The hot air flow then circulates inside ActiFry and the central paddle will ensure that the oil is uniformly spread and that your food is cooked evenly.

Tefal ActiFry requires no pre-heating, so it’s ready when you are. This exclusive heating system makes cooking food much easier and ensures food remains soft and tender and truly delicious. Even people on a low fat diet will be able to re-discover the pleasure of eating meals such as chips. Cooked in the ActiFry, chips only contain 3% fat; they are crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside. This compares with 9% in a conventional oven, 13% in a microwave and 14% in a standard deep fryer. You will also be able to use a variety of oils that are good for your health, such as Omega 3 or 6 oils, olive, canola, macadamia nut and other varieties.

Tefal’s ActiFry can make enough chips to feed a family of four with only a single spoon of oil – that is 100 times less than a traditional deep fryer – which makes it much more economical to run, not to mention safer and easier to clean. The ActiFry has an odourless filter, which means that your kitchen will stay as fresh as it was when you started cooking. The steam free lid and viewing window means that you can always keep an eye on your food. As the central paddle is gently stirring the food, all you need to do is add your ingredients and let them cook.

With ActiFry you can cook an unlimited variety of different meals every day such as chips, seafood, chicken drumsticks, nuggets, beef, vegetable stir-fry and even desserts. ActiFry comes with a recipe book that allows you to cook a whole variety of different meals for the whole family to enjoy.

Tefal’s consumer research has shown that over 90% of those consumers who have purchased ActiFry are very satisfied with the results.

Model number : FZ7000
RRP: $349.95

Tefal ActiFry will be available from June 2008 from Department Stores and selected Independent Retail Specialists.

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