Navteq, the global provider of digital map, traffic and location data for in-vehicle, portable, wireless and enterprise solutions, has just announced the availability of Motorway Junction Objects to add to its 3D visual content portfolio.

Navteq claims that the new technology is a first of its kind solution in the market and will be launched first in Australia before expanding overseas to the United States and European markets.

Motorway Junction Objects is a new content offering which is designed to create more detailed features to help drivers make more intuitive decisions at complex highway junctions and motorway rings.

The technology does this by displaying full 3D animation of complex junctions and also enhancing lane guidance visualisation.

Navteq said that this product was developed by combining 3D technology and user interface insights gained from innovations in the gaming industry with Navteq’s own extensive expertise with visual content in the navigation area.

Navteq claims that through its research it has found that consumers want visual features that make driving easier, but not more entertaining. They also want something that will allow for split-second recognition of visual cues.

“Consumers want features that make it easier to understand navigation directions in complex driving situations,” said Tiffany Treacy, vice president of global product management.

“With this in mind, Navteq created Motorway Junction Objects to enable our partners more flexibility to design applications that meet this consumer need.”

Sample data for the new Motorway Junction Objects is available now for beta testing and is planned for commercial launch next month.