By Martin Vedris

SYDNEY: Emilia Glem has released three new stainless dishwashers starting at RRP $699 with a range of safety features and water and energy saving functions.

All three new dishwashers are available in freestanding or built-in options.

The Emilia EDW60SS (RRP $699) offers five wash programmes and three wash temperatures, with a 12 place-setting capacity. It uses 18.6 litres of water per wash and is also equipped with an anti-leak and anti-flood device and an audible end of cycle indicator.

The Emilia DW301SSEM (RRP $899) and Glem DW410 (RRP $899) each use 14.1 litres per wash and include a choice of eight wash programmes and four wash temperatures in a 12 place-setting capacity. Both appliances also include an ‘aqua stop’ safety valve that automatically shuts off the water supply if the hose splits, to prevent flooding and water damage to cabinetry and floors.

These two new models also feature three-star energy and water saving ratings, and a half load setting as an additional energy saving measure.