Left to charge overnight.

Pregnant Sydney mother, Melanie Tan Pelaez, has suffered second degree burns from her Apple iPhone 7. The phone was plugged into the charger as she watched movies from it before falling asleep.

In the morning, she woke up to pins and needles down her arm and knew something was wrong.

“I went to get dressed and realised my arm was very red, so I then went to the GP and they advised me I needed to go straight to the hospital,” she told news.com.au. “The hospital did a number of tests and told me the mark was a burn from a foreign object and told me to check around my bed to see what could be the cause of the injury.”


Tan Pelaez said she believed her iPhone 7 was to blame and this was quickly confirmed. “We matched the markings on my arm to the phone and charger,” she said.

She reportedly then took the phone into the Apple store to advise them of the incident.

“Apple took my phone and details, but said it couldn’t have been the phone because it didn’t have a distinct smell,” she said. “I then got a call from a member of the executive team who told me they were now handing the matter and had sent the phone to a senior technician in California for testing.”

Tan Pelaez said she has been offered a new iPhone 7 from Apple, but “declined the offer because I don’t trust the device anymore,” she said. “I just want to raise awareness so people don’t have to suffer the same injury as I did.”