By Martin Vedris

SYDNEY: Telstra’s BigPond Mobile TV service, which includes a line-up of TV programs, special ‘Made For Mobile’ shows and live sports coverage in Australia such as the Bathurst 1000, may be enough to attract ‘swinging’ customers to Telstra.

More than 25 TV programs, that are only available on Telstra Next G or 3G mobile phones, are now available, including South Park and especially commissioned and locally produced ‘Made For Mobile’ TV shows ‘Big 5’ with Hamish & Andy and ‘Girl Friday’ with Tania Lacy

BigPond TV will now also provide exclusive access via mobile to the two new TV series’ ‘Damages’ featuring Glenn Close and Australian star Rose Byrne, and ‘Kidnapped’.

It is pay per view with a ‘click and subscribe’ model and new content will be progressively added to the line-up.

In addition to the Bathurst 1000, the sports service also includes NRL and AFL coverage, as well as episodes of ‘The Chaser’.

Pricing starts at $0.50 for short clips and $4.95 per TV episode for up to seven days viewing.