By Keri Algar

SYDNEY, NSW: Up-featuring has been a popular way for suppliers to engage consumers in this year's competitive market. Navman added over a dozen to its new navigator, Breville's mixer now offers an ice cream maker and now Miele is adding steam to the mix.

Miele’s Moisture Plus feature, which is already available in some its premium ovens, has been added to mid-range 60-centimetre and 90-centimetre ovens. It works by injecting small quantities of steam automatically, or manually, during the cooking process.

According to a sales person from Winning Appliances, a moist baking or roasting environment is an attractive feature for consumers. While thermo sealed ovens such as Smeg and Ilve ovens are considered moist ovens, the Miele range is regarded as a dry oven, so the feature has interested consumers in the Winnings store.

According to Miele, the function is ideal for keeping roast meats moist and giving baked goods “an attractive, glossy crust”.

The feature is available in all 60-centimetre and 90-centimetre stainless steel ovens in the H series with numbers that begin with 5 and end with 1, for example, the H5241B, for RRP $2,499.

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