Leading screen protection provider and brand of ZAGG, InvisibleShield is rolling out its latest InvisibleShield on Demand (ISoD) machine, the ProCut M4, measuring half the size of its predecessor for a compact in-store solution.

The new ProCut M4 allows retailers to instantly cut and apply screen protection films for virtually any device with more than 30,000 devices in the InvisibleShield catalogue, spanning mobile phones, wearables, tablets, and laptops.

By enabling retailers to cut new screen protectors on demand, the cloud-based solution is an added revenue opportunity and helps optimise inventory levels by removing the need for screen protectors that only fit certain models.

On the ISoD app, retailers simply search by brand name or model number of the device, scan the QR code on the sheet and the ISoD machine will automatically cut the sheet to the correct size.

Joining the UltraClear+ screen protector is the Ultra Privacy+ screen protector for advanced privacy with impact protection and anti-bacterial technology, and the Ultra VisionGuard+ which is the only blue light filter certified screen protector on the market.

ISoD offers a gold standard of testing in the industry as InvisibleShield’s films undergo a rigorous independent testing process carried out by a global leader and one of the most recognised marks representing safety and trust.

In the last 12 months, almost half (43%) of Australians who reported damage to their phone experienced it on their front screen, yet almost three-quarters choose not to use a screen protector, according to ZAGG’s most recent annual Device Damage survey. Further, only one in three Australians use both a screen protector and phone case and 14% solely use a screen protector for their smartphone.

The in-store screen protection service is available in more than 340 retail stores across Australia and New Zealand including select Harvey Norman, Optus, and Vodafone locations.