By Matthew Henry

AUKLAND: New Zealand electrical retailer Noel Leeming has introduced a comprehensive energy efficiency labeling scheme covering products from whitegoods to televisions and AV equipment.

The retailer has partnered with New Zealand’s Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority (EECA) to introduce the Energy Star scheme to all its stores.

Energy Star stickers will be attached to compliant dishwashers, washing machines, heat pumps, TVs, DVD players, home theatre systems, computers and office equipment, and will soon also include fridges and freezers.

The new labels do not rate a product’s comparative energy performance like the compulsory energy star rating system for whitegoods.

However, Noel Leeming claims that customers who opt for Energy Star labeled product will save electricity, save money and benefit the environment.

“Our customers are increasingly looking for guidance on choosing products that use less energy,” said Noel Leeming Group CEO, Andrew Dutkiewicz.

“Energy Star products are the best way to offer customers options for purchasing energy-efficient appliances.”

The EECA claims research has shown 80 per cent of consumers would consider an appliance’s energy efficiency when making their purchase.

“New Zealanders are buying more and more products, and energy prices are increasing, so it is really important that people are making the most energy efficient choices they can,” said EECA chief executive, Mike Underhill.

“Working with the Noel Leeming Group, we can make it easier for people to make better choices.”