How it all works.

Miele has provided an insight into how the inner workings of its new world-first Specialist store will work in conjunction with its retail partner Bing Lee.

In an exclusive interview with Appliance Retailer, Miele Australia and New Zealand managing director, Sjaak Brouwer, has explained how the partnership between the German manufacturer and the retailer is structured.

“Miele Specialist is an MCA retail store, but features a solo brand presentation of Miele appliances with a small selection of taps and sinks that will occupy no more than five per cent of the overall footprint,” Brouwer said.

Appliance Retailer understands brands including Franke sinks as well as Zip water taps – now managed by former Miele Australia employee, Cliff Thompson, will be integrated into the layout of the store when the layout is completed.

Brouwer also clarified the staffing arrangements of the store and confirmed that two different sales models would be used within the store.

“Bing Lee staff will run the Miele Specialist store, rather than Miele staff and the product assortment is the full MCA range under the standard commission model, including Miele floorcare sold under the normal wholesaling model. This combination is a new approach for us in Australia and is designed to provide full focus on the Miele brand,” he said.

“With everything that is currently going on in the market, consumers are really looking for experiences. The Miele Specialist will definitely show consumers who we are and what we are, as well as showcase the products and the story behind the brand.”

Brouwer had a clear message for Miele’s other MCA partners when he was asked how they were likely to react to the new store concept.

“For our other MCA partners – is it a threat or is it an opportunity?” he asked.

“It is a choice they can make. Do you want to sell 50 brands, 20 brands or do you want to sell 1 brand in your store – that’s the choice a retailer can make. If this concept proves to be successful, there will be an opportunity to see if there are more in the future. Of course there are several criteria such as location, the look and feel of the store and the actual space, but overall we definitely see this as an opportunity for the future, provided we can meet these criteria.”

The Miele Specialist store is located at 90-98 Victoria Road, Drummoyne NSW.