Bora officially opened the doors to its new Sydney showroom last week, inviting Australian retailers and Bora executives from Germany to see the stylish space in Drummoyne.

Appliance Retailer was there to hear about the brand’s arrival in Australia, its plans for growth, and how Bora is showing off its unique products in a showroom that promises “a touch of Bavaria” to visitors.

Read all about the opening event here.

Bora showroom

Rather than austere white walls, the Bora showroom is fitted it with natural wood panelling to give it a stylish but relaxed feel.

Bora Classic

Bora’s Classic downdraft extractor.

Bora Basic

With a larger footprint in the cooktop, the Bora Basic is a more entry-level model.

Bora Cooktop Wall

Domino induction surfaces are mounted on the walls of the showroom.

Bora Showroom Guests

Guests gather at the Bora showroom opening.

Bora pretzels

Bora brought “a touch of Bavaria” to the menu with these giant German pretzels.

Bora Bosch ovens

Another German on show: Bosch ovens complete the look of a full kitchen.

Bora bench bar

Retailers prepare for a cooking demonstration at the launch event.

Bora Markus Ostermaier


Bora Australia CEO (left) welcomes guests and introduces Bora’s German CEO and developer, Willi Bruckbauer.

Bora Willi Bruckbauer

Bruckbauer and Bora chef Bridget Davis throw eight kilograms of steak on the Bora Teppanyaki plate.

Bora cooktops in action

In full action: all the cooking smells, smoke and steam from the cooktop is pulled down through the Bora extractor.