You certainly can’t blame Gerry Harvey for keeping all his eggs in one basket. The head of the Harvey Norman retail chain has branched out into online sales, direct importing of console games and daily deals that bring consumers much-need products at low, low prices.

And what does every discerning Australian consumer need? A chicken coop!

I bet you’re tired of chicken coops that only hold one lousy chicken. Well fear not, this palatial coop will hold 2 to 3 chickens!

Sick of spending your hard-earned monthly chicken budget on exorbitant cooping costs? The top-of-the-line model doesn’t sell for the arbitrarily chosen outlandish figure of $299! It’s half price at just $148!

But many people keep 2 to 3 chickens for more than just looks. What about my precious eggs? Harvey Norman Big Buys has taken out the guess work by “providing easy egg collection and cleaning access”. And, thanks to the new design, Mr and Mrs Chicken (with a potential third Baby Chick) will be able to use both a rear and front door to receive guests.

The deal is only on available until midday, so hopefully you get a chance to take up the offer. Otherwise, just like a consumer electronics retailer selling farming wares, you and your 2 to 3 un-cooped chickens will look very foolish indeed.