ILVE is introducing the INDD94 Induction Cooktop with Integrated Downdraft featuring an integrated open and closing flap. When in use, the flap allows for optimum efficiency and when closed, it prevents odours from escaping and stops objects entering the ventilation cavity.

The flap’s outer surface is made from the same toughened glass as the cooking surface, making it easy to clean and creating a seamless look. For a deep clean, the glass flap can also be removed completely. All liquids, including grease and condensation, are collected in an internal catchment tray complete with a drain valve. An electronic sensor warns when the liquid tray is full and stops motor operation until it has been emptied.

The motor is in the kitchen plinth, making it quieter and easier for the induction to be serviced without having to remove the hob from the benchtop. The motor and ventilation channel design has a 360-degree rotation meaning the ducting outlet is purposely made to fit into the kitchen kick panel. 

The induction cooktop is equipped with four independent cooking zones, as well as zone bridging for two larger zones with the safety of a residual heat indicator. Intuitive touch control with finger slide heat adjustment is supported by features like simmer, heat boost and zone timers to suit any style of cooking.

The INDD94 Induction Cooktop is now available for RRP $4,999.