While the small appliance brands went for close, personal connections with consumers at the 2014 Good Food and Wine Show in Sydney, major appliance brand ILVE opted for mass appeal, laying claim to a huge amount of floor space by sponsoring the Good Food Theatre.

ILVE marketing manager Daniel Bertuccio said the sponsorship was mainly about raising brand awareness.

“For us being a boutique brand of sorts it’s always beneficial for us to get our branding out, our naming out, and obviously our marketing campaign is quite distinct here, it is quite noticeable.

“It’s  getting into the faces of people we might not normally get in the faces of, generally just making them aware of our products,” he said.

Matt Stone
Chef Matt Stone gets to work in the ILVE Good Food Theatre

During the event which was included in the price of the entry ticket, chefs such Bill Granger, George Calombaris, Matt Stone and Miguel Maestre entertained the masses by cracking jokes while cooking on ILVE appliances and surrounded by eye-catching ILVE advertisements.

“Our products being used by celebrity chefs is beneficial as well. It is kind of an unauthorised endorsement of sorts, which is good,” Bertuccio said.

Unlike other appliance brands appearing at the show, De’Longhi, Nespresso and Jura, ILVE didn’t have a stand to showcase its products.

“It’s not about showcasing the latest and greatest products because there is no stand, so all people see on the stage is a stainless steel square.

“This is more about getting people familiar with our brand and what we do as a company and what we make. We will worry about the product bit when they come into our showroom, after this show hopefully.”