ILVE has released its latest Professional Plus Series built-in ovens that promise to deliver the perfect balance of functionality, power, and elegant design, available in new Milano styling in stainless steel and black glass finishes.

A highlight of the new built-in range is the 4.3-inch touch control display with intuitive graphics and logical operation for touch and slide movement controls. Within the TFT display, users can control the oven temperature and manage the moisture inside the cooking cavity.

The new Steam Valve offers the possibility to choose between dry or humid cooking and the inclusion of a cooking probe controls the core temperature of meat and ensures perfect cooking results.

The new ILVE Professional Plus Series built-in oven range offers class leading true size ovens with more capacity across the range, according to Eurolinx marketing manager, Daniel Bertuccio.

“Our standard 60cm oven offers a 65-litre capacity and our 90cm oven offers a 110-litre capacity. We have also re-introduced our 80cm oven offering a 97-litre capacity,” he said.

“The ovens are made using materials used in professional kitchens, such as AISI 304 stainless steel for improved quality and durability. Not excluded from the range are the standard functions you expect from ILVE, including the electric rotisserie, precision thermostatic control, concealed grill element, programmable timer and turbo wave cooking feature.”

As part of the range, ILVE will soon introduce two new products – the Ultra Combi 3-in-1 Oven and 400°C Oven with specialised pizza function.

The Ultra-Combi 3-in-1 oven is three appliances in a single compact unit to steam, bake and microwave. It combines all necessary cooking functions into one appliance, features an intuitive TFT display with programmable timer, and adding to the product’s versatility, the microwave power can be adjusted to four levels.

Quattrocento Pizza + Oven boasts professional temperature controls up to 400°C. Although it is designed for pizza, it incorporates all of the features of a standard electric oven, including 16 modes controlled by the intuitive TFT control display and cooking probe. Accessories include a paletta pizza, pizza base insert and pizza cutting board.

The Professional Plus Series built in ovens are available as part of ILVE’s latest agency model rollout and are available at