ILVEs first induction and gas cooktop.

Having the best of both cooking styles is what this cooktop is all about with both gas and induction cooking in one cooktop. The new ILVE Versa stylishly combines the ILVE brass ‘infinity’ wok burner with a four zone induction cooktop that caters to the growing popularity with Asian cuisine that requires a wok with a powerful gas burner. The wok gas burner allows heat to reach around the side of the wok, so ingredients can be cooked at the same intensity when stir frying. The gas burner has been designed for easy handling with a removable burner cap, trivet and supports that can be hand washed or placed in the dishwasher.

Induction cooking is for low simmering and quick boils with heat evenly distributed over flat-based pans. The Versa is a spacious 90cm, finished in black ceramic glass with a $3,999 RRP.