ILVE’s new HCB cooktops were launched mid-year, featuring brass burners that deliver instantaneous heat for simmering at low temperatures or instantly increasing to searing hot.

It takes all the aspects of the previous ILVE gas cooktop range, adding precise heat control on each burner and front-mounted controls for easier use. Each cooktop also allows for maximum cooking space between each burner so pots and pans are not squeezed together.

The improved burners with an all-black styling claim to deliver 8% more efficiency than previous models, reducing CO2 emissions by up to 66%. Burners have a heat resistant non-stick nanotechnology coating that repels water and oil, for easier cleaning. Each trivet, cap and support are removable and dishwasher safe.

Features across the cooktop range include a choice of centre wok burner, side wok, dual control side wok, two wok burners and tepanyaki plate, with RRPs starting from $1,699.